Smart LED Test Tweezers

Multifunction Tester for LEDs, Circuitry, Switches, Fuses and SMT

Smart LED Test Tweezers

LED Test Tweezers ManualLED Test Tweezers Manual

Simplified Micro-Electronic Testing

LED Test Tweezers are the newest product available from Siborg Systems Inc. This device is designed for testing micro-electronic components with focus on testing LEDs.

The sharp gold-plated bronze phosphor tweezers can grasp small components, either loose or mounted on a PCB. It can test for shorts, fuses, PCB circuitry, switches, and when connected to an LCR-meter using the included cable, the device can be used as the probes.

LED Test Tweezers use a 12VDC output and have variable current ratings of 5ma, 10mA, and 20mA for testing LEDs. The colour coded arms of the device determine the components polarity with Red for Anode (+) and Grey for Cathode (-).

The design of the device is perfect for professionals or engineers that require a lightweight device to take into the field. At only 50 grams weight and 15cms long, the device is nearly undetectable in a bag or pocket. It comes with a travel bag, LCR-meter connector cable, 12V 23AE battery, and tweezer tip cover. LED Test Tweezers with LCR meter

FeaturesLED test tweezer diagram

  • LED Light Test with 12VDC output
  • Adjustable Current Settings of 20mA, 10mA and 5mA
  • Open Fuse and Short Check
  • Tests Circuitry, Wire Connections, etc.
  • PCB Circuit Conductive Test
  • SMD or Small Component Test
  • Light Ring Indicator illuminated when in contact
  • Included Carrying Case, Tweezer Cap and LCR-meter Connector Cable
  • Internal Buzzer

everything that is included with LED test tweezers
Product Specifications
Battery:23AE 12V
  1. LCR-meter connector
  2. Battery
  3. Bag
  4. Tweezer Cap
LED Testing:12VDC Output
20mA, 10mA, 5mA Adjustable current rating