About Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg was established in February 1994. The main objective of the company is the development and production of various kinds of engineering and scientific hardware and software.

Our main hardware products are highly accurate digital multimeters. We design and manufacture digital multimeters since 2004. Our main product line are LCR-Reader digital multimeters with the latest model LCR-Reader-MPA, the most accurate and versatile tweezer-meter to date, delivering basic accuracy of 0.1% for L-C-R measurements.

We also have more than 37 years in semiconductor process and device simulation. Our main software package is MicroTec for two-dimensional semiconductor process and devices simulation was used by more than 33 companies and 115 universities in 29 countries, including Hitachi, General Electric, NTT, Texas Instruments, Integrated Device Technology as well as by University of California at Berkeley and Waseda University in Tokyo.

We have also developed SibLin: a fast 3D solver for Poisson/Diffusion/Heat Transfer Equation. SibLin was licensed to Spectrian (Santa Clara, California), Northern Telecom (Ottawa, Ontario), and Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc.

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