Smart Tweezers

Smart Tweezers LCR-Meter

Powerful LCR-meter and a set of tweezers for time-efficient SMT measurements. ST-5S has a 0.2% basic accuracy and comes with wall charger, high-quality gold-plated tweezer tips, and NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

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LCR-Reader LCR-Meter

Lower cost-model in the Smart Tweezers line; a streamlined version with less features while still having high accuracy of 0.5/1% basic accuracy and efficent measurements

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Smart LED Test Tweezers

New! Smart LED Test Tweezers: Multi-function Electronics Tester

Smart LED Tweezers are now available! This device makes testing LEDs and micro-electronic components more time efficient. The device can test LEDs with variable VDC outputs switches, fuses and do short checks; a special connector cable turns the device into tweezer probes for measuring small components with LCR-meters.

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Educational and Engineering Software

Download MicroTec Version 4.22

Two-dimensional Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator

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Chemistry Educational Software Tools for High School and Universities OrChem Version 1.10

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Coming Soon:SibLin Version 2.0