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Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers: the History of Evolution

Smart Tweezers Prototypes

Prototypes of Smart Tweezers have been designed back in early 2000
It is obvious that in the course of evolution the components also evolve quickly so that in about 2003 Smart Tweezers finaly were looking somewhat close to what it is today.

Smart Tweezers ST-1

ST-1 is the first commercially released model of Smart Tweezers in 2004. Here is the first Manual and the Quick Reference for this model.

Smart Tweezers ST-2

In model ST-2 significant improvements had been achieved in both accuracy and mechanical design. Replaceable tweezer tips had been introduced as well as a better insulation of the handles released in 2007. Initially it was a ROHS compliant device but due to LCD soldering problems we eventually changed the display . Here is the Manual and the Quick Reference for this model.
In 2009 a rechargeable model of Smart Tweezers STIC (Smart Tweezers with Inductive Charger) was introduced in order to address a problem of housing damage due to multiple replacement of batteries. This model was more expensive but was widely accepted on assembly lines.

Smart Tweezers ST-5

In 2011 the latest model ST-5 had been released featuring again better accuracy and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Here is the Manual and the Quick Reference for this model.

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